Congratulations on taking action and opening your own business!

You are done with the standard 9-5 and are ready to pursue your big goals, serve the community and make the difference, even if that difference to you means creating a better quality of life for yourself, your family and those who you care for.

You have made the decision. What’s now?

You have been reading dozens of blog posts and watching webinars on how to grow your business, how to get your first clients, how to market your business effectively and how to set up your online presence to get your name out there.

The question remains, what do I really need, what actually works right now and where do I start?

This article combines years of experience of growing and marketing residential and commercial cleaning businesses.

We will finally set the record straight on:

What online tools do you really need when just starting a cleaning business to make sure you do not waste your money and time on things that do not contribute to your success?

How to get your first clients and grow your business month after month?

Do you really need a website and why?

How does online marketing work and how to use it effectively, so you always know where your next client is going to come from?

And how to save thousands of dollars and hours of frustration to get everything running properly without hiring expensive agencies or unreliable freelancers.

Sounds good? Let’s get started!

What is an effective marketing and how does it really work?

The best example to illustrate how modern marketing works is to examine how the best of the best do it now.

Let’s take a look at McDonald’s.

Did you know that it costs McDonald’s $1.91 in advertising to get you to buy a burger from them? And when they sell you that burger for $2.09, they ONLY make $0.18.  

But, when they sell you fries and a coke for $1.77 more, they make (and more importantly KEEP $1.32 profit).  That’s eight times the profit when they get you to add a fries and drink to your order!

This is what is called a sales funnel. Where leads come into the top, they become a paying client, they purchase your services and products and additional addons, then revenue comes out the bottom.

In a sales funnel, your prospect ascends through steps or stages of a relationship with your company.

  • First, people find out about your brand.
  • A potential customer becomes a paying customer by purchasing your products/service.
  • Then one-time customer turns into a recurring client by using your service again and again, while referring other customers to you, and all of this increases the lifetime value (revenue) of that customer to your business.

The core of any marketing efforts is to bring the costs of getting new customers as low as possible while maximizing the amount that customer spends with you during the relationship with your business.

So what does it have to do with a cleaning business? Everything.

McDonald’s marketing strategy works!

Let’s examine it closer so you can deploy the same principles into your business as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart use to increase their revenue year after year.

Your core offer

Core offer is your main service or product. For McDonald’s it is their burgers, Starbucks is coffee and for you, it is your cleaning service.

Core offer, however, is very often is not what produces companies the major part of their revenue.

To make more revenue and profit from the same transaction McDonald’s, for example, upsells you fries, drinks, milkshakes, muffins. Starbucks upsells you to their food and sweets to go with a coffee or tries to get you to upgrade to their premium drinks that cost double of the regular coffee.

See how it works? With upgrades and addons, you can make double the profit within the same transaction with the same customer.

These big brands also love to use a Sales Offer also known as Lead Magnet (an irresistible offer that lures in new customers). $1 dollar coffee days at McDonald’s. Unbeatable discounts at Walmart. 99 cents books and free shipping at Amazon.

They do whatever they have to do to get you into the door and make it a no-brainer to buy from them.

And once you become their customer, just by walking into the door, you will buy things you never intended to purchase. You will buy a muffin with your coffee. You will stock up on groceries or set your eye on a new TV at Walmart when you just came in for the items on sale.

And the best part? This is all a numbers game.

Which brings us to the first rule of marketing your business – know your numbers.

What numbers are we talking about? Here are few examples:

  • How much does it cost you to get a new client.
  • How many new customers do you get per year.
  • What is the average revenue of regular cleaning job.
  • How many cleanings from one customer do you get on average over the entire time you serve them.
  • How much revenue does each client bring you over the entire time you serve them.
  • How long does an average clients stays with you.
  • What is the average net profit of one cleaning.

Having these calculations done every 3,6,12 months will give you a birds-eye view of your entire operation and make it easy to budget for marketing, track where the majority of your revenue is coming from and track how effective a particular marketing channel is.

Back to our case study and your cleaning business.

As we already discussed – your cleaning service is your core offer.

To make a higher profit per job, you should include additional products and services that compliment your core offer such as: sell cleaning products, lawn care, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, duct cleaning, hardwood treatment, oven cleaning, organizing and so much more. You can also create relationships with other businesses, that compliment, but not compete directly with your service, and recommend each other to your clients.

We have seen an average cleaning business profits increase from $56 per job, when we offered strictly regular cleaning, to over $230 per client just because of things we have added as extra addons and services.

This strategy can add significantly to your bottom line without much extra effort since you are already in their house.

Irresistible Offer

Now you have a system in place to create more revenue from each transaction.

All you need to get the system moving and bringing in a consistent revenue is to get more clients.

Here is where we mimic what big brands do. We create a similar irresistible offer to attract a huge amount of new customers.

It might be difficult to attract a new customer by trying to sell “the works” for $200 per home.

But what if we create an irresistible offer for first-time customers, such as “2-hour cleaning for $30”?

We had over 110 new bookings the first month we ran this promotion, in comparison to just under 14 new customers per month when we used our regular prices. And 70% of these customers wanted their entire home cleaned once we were already at the house and then over 60% of them become recurring clients.

The best part? It cost us $5.50 to get each new client for this special promo in marketing costs VS. over $40 by promoting our regular priced service. Meaning we got 7 times more customers by spending the same in advertising and since most of them upgraded we made even more revenue as well.

But how can I make money from my “2 hour cleaning for just $30” offer? And you are right. Here are where all those numbers we collected earlier help.

By collecting our stats and metrics, we know how many customers upgrade to our additional services.

How much does it cost for us to get a new customer.

How many website visitors become paying clients.

How much revenue does each new client bring.

And so on.

When we have all of this data, we can make quick decisions on what is working, what’s not and how to improve it. We can also make instant adjustments to marketing, offers and prices to stay ahead of the game, remain busy and outplay competition.

Roofer Who Mowed Lawns

Here is a quick story of my friend who is a roofer with an average job revenue per client of over $11,000. He was having a hard time selling the service quickly, and the process usually took months of back and forth conversations, even though he was one of the best in town. His customers wanted to speak and get bids from 5 or more other companies which created an unhealthy price war.

We quickly came up with an interesting concept which I wanted to share with you as it perfectly outlines what we talked about above.

He started offering a very inexpensive lawn care service in his targeted residential neighborhoods where roofs were getting old and would need his roofing services soon. He charged just $20 per home to cut their grass and hired a student to work those jobs. One thing he made sure is to provide superior service and quality.

At the end of every appointment for lawn care, he showed up himself to talk with the owners of the house about their roof. He explained the reasons why the roof will need replacement soon, how to avoid a leaky roof, went over their concerns and explained their options and prices.

Because they had already paid money to him for the lawn service and delivered outstanding service, quality, and experience, he has already gained their trust, and they had the confidence to invest with him instead of one of his competitors who tried to sell the roofing service outright.

Brilliant and so simple, right?! Well, he went on to break $1M in revenue the next year!

Getting Customers

Ok now you have your main service, and you are thinking of additional products and services to offer as well.

You are tracking your numbers now.

You have already thought of few limited-time offers and promotions for new customers.

You are ready to hit the big waters.


How do you create an effective online and offline presence without hiring those expensive agencies?

How do you actually promote your company, your offers and get new customers coming into your business predictably week after week?

How do you set everything up even if you have NO technical knowledge?

How to double how much work you get done every single day without spending any additional time by hiring your own American virtual assistant for under $10 per hour, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Let’s dive right in.

Cleaning Business Marketing System Blueprint

To better understand how this effective marketing system can work and create success for your cleaning business, we created a diagram for you.

Wow, there are so many things on that diagram, right? No worries, it will make all the sense in just a few minutes.

Not tech savvy or don’t want to mess with setting it all up yourself?

If you prefer not to waste your own time trying to learn how to set up all these things yourself, in few minutes we will show you how to get your own, highly skilled virtual assistant for under $10 per hour who will be able to design and set all of this up for you.

As you can see, everything starts with an offer, then getting the potential customer to redeem that offer and, after, to become a PAYING client.

Your marketing channels are where a potential customer learns about your company and a special offer, so they all have to carry the same message and a call-to-action. For example: “Book 2 Hours of Cleaning For Just $30 Now at”

One message and one action.

If your offer is “2 hour cleaning for $30”, or other offer that works better for your business model – your business cards, flyers, door hangers, website, Google and Facebook ads, social media posts, newspaper ads, newsletter, phone receptionist – have to lead a potential prospect to call you or visit your website to purchase that special first-time customer offer. For repeat clients, you simply sell your regular priced service and addons.

So now we have our offer on all of the promotional materials which leads our new potential clients to our website.

Why do I need a Website? Can’t I just have a Facebook business page?

One very powerful advice I can give to business owners and entrepreneurs is to never build your business and your audience on someone else’s playground. If you do this, your business can disappear overnight, just as it happened to a lot of companies, who mainly relied on reaching their audience on Facebook, when Facebook has limited reach for posts coming from a business page. Your account can be disabled, hacked, a platform can disappear, get shut down, or become irrelevant.

At all times, you need to maintain your own database of your clients and the best way to do this is by collecting your customers’ information such as emails and phone numbers.

When professionally built, your website becomes the main “store-front” of your business allowing you to collect email addresses and maintain a database of your clients, process payments, display reviews of your service, chat with your visitors, provide customer service, update your offers and so much more.

However, when the website is built without the understanding of everything we’ve talked about above, it will be not as effective or beneficial to your business as well as it can become a nightmare to maintain and customize.

There is no need to hire an expensive agency to build a professional website. Your Vasumo virtual assistant can build a website for your business that will properly represent your brand and service and will become the most the important part of your marketing system and business growth.

We recommend SiteGround as a hosting provider as well as the place to register your domain name. We have built hundreds of website on SiteGround, and it is extremely fast, easy to use and provides free SSL (security seal certificates) which are a must for any website today and can cost up to $99 elsewhere.

Even though there are so many platforms for building your own website now, nothing comes close to having a professional website built with WordPress. It is highly flexible, customizable and has thousands of addons and themes to get you started quickly.

Now that you have your website setup a.k.a your “basecamp”, you are ready for your potential customers to visit it. Your store-front is now open. Exciting things are coming!

There are few proven ways to get potential customers to visit your website, and we will discuss these in a minute.

But first, I wanted to touch base on something 90% of companies online never implement and where you can have an easy advantage over your competition.

But first, let’s review some marketing wisdom:

  • The standard wisdom is that a consumer has to interact with a particular business up to seven times before the message will even begin to sink in.
  • Up to 97% of all your website visitors will leave your website without purchasing. Would you like another chance to get their attention and ask for their business again?
  • It is far easier to sell products and services to existing customers than to someone you don’t have a relationship with.

One of the reasons, why it is so important for you to have a professionally built website is the ability to install tracking codes from Facebook and Google to be able to track visitors data.

Why does it matter?

This will allow you to “tag” all visitors and separate them into categories to accurately target potential customers who enter your website but never purchased, visited specific pages, or became a paying client.

Do you see how powerful this is?

Now you can show ads specifically to people who have never visited your website.

You can show different ads or a special promo to people who have visited your website but have not purchased anything and left, for whatever reason – (hey, things get in a way all the time), so you have another chance to market to them. This allows you to show your ads to your potential customers over and over again and increase the chances of them buying and becoming a client.

And you can remind just your past customers to order with you again and again.

Imagine your ads appear on Forbes, CNN, Weather Network, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and on other websites your customers visit, all for pennies on the dollar compared to regular advertising.

Getting New Customers and Turning Them Into Repeat Buyers

Your “store-front” is now open and is fully set up. Exciting things are coming!

Now that you have:

Your website is setup a.k.a your “basecamp” for all of your marketing

You have your core offer on your website

You have your addons and additional services setup

You have a special offer for first-time customers

You can collect your website visitors contact information, stats as well as tag all of your website visitors even if they have not completed the purchase to be able to REmarket to them.

You are now ready to get new visitors to your website and convert them into paying clients.

Remember, marketing is not about your company – it’s about your customer’s problems and the solutions you provide to help solve those problems. Your marketing should not be about how awesome you are, but how you can help your customer.

Best ways to quickly get customers for a cleaning business that work right now:

Print and Offline Media

Business cards, flyers, door hangers, staff t-shirts, newspaper ads, banners, vehicle wraps – they all influence buying decisions. The more your potential customers come into contact with your brand, the higher the chance they will become a paying client.

Let’s take a look at a successful cleaning company we have worked with and how they used printed flyers and addressed mail to get more customers without much effort.

Once they booked a job in a specific neighborhood and the job is done or in progress – their team also delivered flyers and door hangers with a special offer to first-time customers to the whole street. It does not have to be complicated. “We are cleaning your neighbor’s house and since we are in the area, here is a special offer for you if you would like your home cleaned as well!”

By the time they see the door hanger or a flyer, they might have already seen your marked van on their street, your staff with branded t-shirts and heard great things about you from their neighbor.

They take the flyer and go to your website to check out what your company offers.

The code installed on the website records visitors data by “tagging” them. They are now automatically served your ads on other websites they visit.

Have you ever wondered why you see golf clubs everywhere after you have searched for them on Amazon? This is exactly how it works.

Your website looks professional and has an easy way for visitors to leave their contact information to claim the discount or to book a date to clean their home right away.

If they book the service – they now enter into an “existing customer” sequence where you send updates and news by email to remind them about your company and to get them to book again or reference friends to you.

If, for whatever reason, a potential customer wasn’t ready to book then and there – you can REmarket to them using Facebook and Google. And if they claimed the discount by entering their email address, you can follow up and send them “not yet a customer” emails showcasing what you do, why you are different and why they should clean their home with you.

The best part? As you can see, this is a system that works without you doing anything at all. It is all automated, literally getting you new customers and making you money while you sleep.

Not a design pro? No worries, you can get these done without breaking the bank by getting your own virtual assistant (we will talk about this in a second) and avoid hiring those expensive agencies.

Paid online ads: Google and Facebook

As you may already know, you can pay Google and Facebook to show your ads on their platforms. They have a lot of options to configure to make sure your ads are served to the best-suited audience for your service. Things you can control are gender, age, location, interests, and demographics.

The best part about paid ads is that you pay only for the selected action: a click, views, a lead or a sale. They are also easy to track, understand the costs and they provide the best ROI (return on investment) in comparison with other forms of paid advertising.

Tips and tricks to get you started with paid ads:

  • Make sure your ads stand out and catch attention: images and text.
  • In your text and headline be specific and showcase your first-time offer and a call to action to your past clients. For example: “Want you home cleaned? Get 2 hours of service for just $30. Click to book now!”. “House is messy again? Click here to have our professional crew come in again to clean your home!”.
  • Test different audiences, images and text.
  • Start with a smaller ad spend budget to understand what combination works best for you and then up the budget in small increments.

Social Media

People buy from whom they like and trust. Share company stories on your social media, events you attend, before and after photos, tips and tricks for keeping a home clean.

Do not try to create accounts on all of social media sites. You will never be able to stay active on all of them. Start on those where your audience hangs out. Everyone has a Facebook account, the visual content is on Instagram, if you are posting a lot of videos, look into YouTube. Grow your audience on one channel and then see if you really need to add another one.

Use 80/20 rule. Spend 80% time on the marketing efforts that work for you now, and then spend 20% of the time testing new waters.

The best thing about reaching your audience on social media – it is free.

Tip: Posting and being active on social media sites should not take a lot of time – there are tools that can automate your posting schedule where you can schedule posts a month in advance. Set it and forget it. The one I would recommend is Buffer.

S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) a.k.a showing up in Google search results.

After reading about paid ads, you might be wondering if paying for advertising is the only way to reach new customers. The answer is “No”, but paid advertising is one of the best ways to reach new customers.

What is S.E.O.? Well, it is a way to tell Google that the particular page on your website is the best fit for the user’s search query.

Imagine someone searches for “home cleaning san francisco”. Google will then take all the stats and information it has on all websites and displays the list of pages it thinks are the best fit for what the user is actually searching for.

Chances are, if you do not have a phrase “home cleaning san francisco” on your website, Google will never know that this is actually what you do.

What impacts your ranking?

  • The amount of time visitors stays on your website. If someone opens up your website and leaves right away, it tells Google that that website might not be the best fit for the search term and Google will give it a lower ranking next time.
  • Mentioning key search terms on your website and creating pages specifically for a desired search term. For example, you can have a separate page for all your city suburbs and neighborhoods, such as “new york home cleaning”, “manhattan home cleaning” and so on. These can be blog posts or pages with content and should be helpful to the visitor. Include photos, videos and at least 1500 words of text.
  • The number of other websites that link back to yours. Link your website on all of your social media channels, directories listings and review websites. That is also why it is important to reach out to other companies in your area and exchange blog posts with a link back to your website. These could be blogs that cover events and businesses. Search for articles such as “10 Best Home Cleaning Companies in San Francisco” and reach out to the author to add yours to the list as well.

Email Marketing

Alright, now that you have potential customers visiting your website, claiming your special offer and purchasing regular services – this is where email marketing part comes in. It is absolutely crucial for any business to collect their customers’ email addresses.

What does this allow you to do?

Collection emails in exchange for a discount, you can follow up with prospects who did not book the service and remind them to book.

You can ask past customers to book again, refer friends, post a review.

You can always be on top of the mind of your potential and regular customers as the GO-TO company for their cleaning needs.

How do you set it all up?

We recommend using a company such as ActiveCampaign or MailChimp as your email marketing service provider (EMS).

They will store all of the emails collected and connect well to WordPress and most other website platforms.

Another cool feature that these email services have is Automations. So you can schedule a series of emails to be sent, for example, immediately, one day after they sign up or 3 days after their service to be sent to your customers.

You can also send a different Automation to your potential customers than, for example, your regular clients. This takes your marketing game to a completely different level.

And again, everything can be set up to be completely automated!


Google and Yelp reviews can make or break a business, that’s why you should take very seriously getting more positive review.

  • Online reviews impact purchasing decisions for over 93% of consumers.
  • 60% of consumers looking at online reviews at least weekly.
  • 68% are willing to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if they are assured they will have a better experience.
  • 88% say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Best way to get more 5-star reviews? Ask for them. Just like we discussed in email marketing section, make sure to send an email asking if the customer is completely satisfied with the service and if there are no issues, ask them to leave you a positive review on one of the sites and include a link to make it easier.

Got a bad review? Do not stress over it. Try to resolve any issue professionally and send a crew to fix things immediately. If the review gets posted, be understanding of customer’s concerns, see what you can change to improve and never let this happen again.

Remember that new customers will read these replies as well. How you handle the issue and improve your service is what really matters.

Here is how to reply to a negative review.

  • Reply stating that you fully understand customer’s concerns and apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Assure that this is not a standard practice and that you take these matters very seriously.
  • Outline what has been done never to have this happen again.
  • Offer to make things right and tell them to contact you for a free reclean or a discount for the next clean.

Alright, so how do I start implementing all of these things into my business?

It is important to understand that not all business owners have the technical knowledge or time to learn all of these things themselves. And that’s absolutely fine. You don’t need to stress about having to learn all of this yourself. If you are great at serving your customers and growing your business – this is the only thing you should be doing in your business.

Why would you want to bury yourself into all of this technical mumbo-jumbo and waste your time when you can have your own highly skilled, virtual assistant get all of this professionally done for you for under $10 per hour.

Here are some things that your own virtual assistant from Vasumo can help you do:

  • Design, build, make changes and maintain your website.
  • Add a booking form that accepts payments online or sends an email with captured information to you or your staff.
  • Create and design sales funnels using ClickFunnels.
  • Create custom graphics including logos, social media, business cards, ebooks.
  • Create, edit, upload YouTube videos to showcase your before and after photos and videos.
  • Create and manage Facebook and Google ads.
  • Install pixel and conversion tracking codes.
  • Create a professional email for you and your staff, such as
  • Setup and configure email automation broadcasts and newsletters to email your customers with recent offers, ask for repeat business and reviews, send tips and updates about your industry.
  • SEO optimizations for your website to help you rank on Google.
  • Manage your social media, groups, support tickets and emails.
  • Provide customer service.
  • Write and schedule blog posts and social media posts.
  • over 200 other tasks and more!

Who are Vasumo virtual assistants?

Vasumo virtual assistants are extremely skilled and experienced consultants eager to help you and your business skyrocket to success. You delegate tasks to your VA and they are on it, which allows you, to stay on target. All Vasumo assistants are located in USA and Canada and are English speakers.

Vasumo Virtual Assistants work remotely, from Vasumo co-working offices and they never have to step foot in your office! They can do anything you need, provided they have clear and actionable instructions. All Virtual Assistants work 8am – 4pm EST.

Inc Magazine research suggests that in an eight-hour day, the average worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes. Unlike full-time office employees, virtual assistant tracks all the time spent on each task to the nearest seconds, so you only pay for the time your assistant actually works. At any time you can view the time used by accessing your own live time tracking report. You also don’t have to worry about break times, slow times, superannuation, income tax or anything else!

Why do I need a virtual assistant?

A Virtual Assistant can save you two of your most precious resources: time and money. As a business owner, you should be focused on your products or services and on growing your business – not worried about day to day administrative chores, frustrating over a new website change breaking everything or choosing a font for the new social media graphics.

Can Vasumo assistant help me to set up things talked about in this article?

Absolutely! At Vasumo, all assistants are highly trained, detail-oriented, very skilled and effective at ensuring your tasks are DONE! That is why over hundred of businesses and professionals choose Vasumo every month. You get your own American assistant who works on your tasks every day so you can invest your time in what actually grows your business or relax few extra hours with the family. All Vasumo Virtual Assistants undergo a strict certification process, have a minimum of 3 years digital marketing experience and care about your business, just like you do, every single day.

How does the process works of getting my own assistant to help me with my business?

The process is very simple and Vasumo has done all the hard work for you to find a perfect assistant for your business.

  1. Vasumo has a team of professional, vetted assistants who are highly trained and experienced in over 200 tasks. You do need to do interviews, waste time and money on hiring unreliable freelancers or overpriced agencies, manage billing and paperwork.
  2. Simply get started at
  3. Monthly plans start as low $399 per month and as low as $10 per hour.
  4. Within few hours, Vasumo’s team will assign a dedicated, trained assistant to you. You work with the same person for all of your tasks.
  5. Your assistant will be located in New York, USA or Toronto, Canada and work in EST time zone 8am – 4pm.
  6. Login to the platform and assign tasks. Submit your requests and communicate with your assistant by commenting on tasks as well as via live chat and email. It is extremely easy to use and is also available via smartphone or tablet app.

What if I my assistant is not a good fit for me, can I request a new assistant?

If for any reason, you are not comfortable with an assigned assistant – simply send Vasumo email and they will assign a new assistant to your account.

Who should not be using Vasumo?

Vasumo service is geared more towards internet entrepreneurs, business owners, and busy individuals who need help with their everyday tasks online. It is important to understand there are certain limitations of what you can use Vasumo’s service for at this price level:

  • They are not a call center, so your V.A. will not be available to call on the phone, Skype etc.
  • Your V.A. will not be able to accept incoming calls.
  • You are a single player and have no patience to work with other people.
  • You do not understand why assistants need clear instructions to complete tasks.
  • You need more personal and secretarial assistance than technical.

Vasumo has built an incredible team of highly skilled assistants to help you with your everyday tasks, such as graphic design, administrative tasks, website maintenance, video editing, online research, social media, advertising, marketing and so on.

They have found that the most successful use of their VAs happens when clients know what exactly they need help with and have a workflow in place to delegate tasks. Your VA can certainly help you to setup such workflow and advice how to make sure that your instructions for tasks are clear and actionable.

How does Vasumo different from other virtual assistant companies, agencies, and freelancers?

We often speak to clients who have not had much success with unreliable freelancers, overpriced agencies or unexperienced assistants, and want someone that they know they can trust, rely on, who is always there for them, who is very experienced, has a great command of English language, professional, smart and creative. You want to be sure you can trust your VA with sensitive information and tasks. Vasumo makes it easier. Unlike other virtual assistant companies – Vasumo assistants are American, highly skilled and can help you even with the most advanced and technical tasks.

How can a Vasumo virtual assistant save me money?

Vasumo assistants not only save you money but they also make you money. For the low monthly fee, you get access to a skilled assistant to work on all of your tasks. Website, social media, paid ads, graphic design, email marketing, blog posts, customer service, SEO and so much more. All of these tasks are included in the monthly cost and your assistant will be experienced in all of these tasks.

How much money are you possibly losing right now in your business by not having what we discussed in this article implemented into your business?

How much more revenue could you generate by having your own assistant from Vasumo get everything running for you so you stop wasting your time trying to do it yourself and your money by hiring inexperienced assistants or overpriced agencies.

Let’s take a look at some of the costs associated with these services in comparison to having your own assistant skilled in all of these tasks from Vasumo.

  • Website – average cost from $700-2400 and $100 monthly maintenance. Vasumo – included with your plan.
  • Graphic design for your logo, business cards, flyers, social media – $100 – $850 per graphic. Vasumo – included with your plan.
  • S.E.O. service – $1000-3500 per month. Vasumo included with your plan.
  • Paid ads management – $700-2000 per business per month. Vasumo – included with your plan.
  • Email marketing setup – $300-1400 per business. Vasumo – included with your plan.
  • Customer service and admin tasks – Hire a full time employee $15-25 per hour + benefits + time off + insurance ++ – Vasumo included with your plan.

I have additional questions, how can I make sure getting my own virtual assistant is right for me?

Head over to Vasumo’s website at and click the chat button on the bottom right to chat with a representative about your business needs. Ready to get started now? Simply sign up at